With Yuko san at Nicole’s house 3/14~3/22

Yuko Taki visited Nicole’s home during 3/14~3/22.

SFO->Palo Alto Mitchel park->Nicole’s House->ChungDam Korean restaurant@San jose->Golden gate bridge->Water disney museum@SF->Japan town@SF->SanWang Chinese restaurant@SF->Palo Alto city hall->Sumika Yakitori restaurant@Los Altos->Google office and store->(Stanford->Yosemite)->Mitchel park library->Stanford shopping center->Nicole’s dentist@Mountain view->In-And-Out Burger@Mountain View->Nail art@California ave->Korean mart@San jose->Paris baguette->Niku Yaki@Nicole’s home->Sing a song!!!

They met:


We keep moving… BTW, where is my son, find him!20150315_123959

Visited Google Mountain View campus and Yuko met Toru Kawamura san working there.


Girls Girls Girls love Nail art!


Thanks Yuko!!! It was crazy honto delicious.


We are singers! YaY!!!


And the last day, OGENGKI kudasai!



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